Gazelem & Mauricio Berger

The prophetic role of Gazelem will be to discover unto God’s people the works of darkness committed by their brethren.

This insinuates that the servants of God are in fact surrounded by wicked individuals who claim to be “brethren” during the time that precedes Gazelem’s arrival.

Joseph Smith himself was in perils among false brethren (D&C 122:5) which no doubt related to the secret combinations that were spoken of by Moroni (Ether 8:24) which he warned would come among the Saints. The Lord revealed that a plot was being had in secret chambers to bring to pass the destruction of the Saints. (D&C 38:13)

When Gazelem brings to light the hidden works of darkness, he will reveal the identities of all false brethren and expose the plans made between them in secret chambers.

The case of Mauricio Berger remains a mystery to me; but in due time of the Lord, the end-time seer will unfold the truth of it. I don’t know how to make sense of his story with what information I have.

My initial approach to the Brazilian prophet was to place him in the same box as Christopher Nemelka.

After years of suffering a widespread condition that’s been sweeping the nations for the last four generations—most commonly known as a “crisis of faith”—Christopher Nemelka determined, decades ago, that Joseph Smith had conjured up the Mormon religion as a way to speak to the people in the only way he thought they would understand—through religious terms and biblical narratives. Not accepting his hero Joseph Smith to have been a liar and a fraud—and unwilling to submit to the secular understanding of Mormonism—Christopher re-invented Joseph to serve a purpose within his anti-faith worldview.

In the mind of Christopher, Joseph Smith orchestrated his story of golden plates to get the people listening—while unbeknownst to the believers, he was subliminally teaching deeper truths. Christopher believes that all true messengers/prophets do this. They have to tailor their knowledge and insight to suit their prospective audience to teach as much truth as they possibly can. Christopher went and did the same thing he believes Joseph Smith to have done. He fabricated the promised revealment of the sealed portion to expound unto a Mormon audience his concepts of philosophy—the same way he perceives Joseph Smith having done as he targeted Christians with his tale of God calling him to be a modern-day biblical prophet.

Say what you will about Christopher—only God knows what crimes he really committed—he has a brilliant mind. Quite frankly, I do believe that he had a sincere desire to help people remove themselves from toxic ways of thinking.

I at first imagined that Mauricio Berger had a similar awakening and path. Fanatics who obsess over their religion will usually become either disillusioned or a dangerous radical. I can tell that Mauricio has no plans to run off to Argentina with a suitcase full of his followers money, nor will he—as of now—use his status as a position of power to increase sexual opportunity. I expected that he too saw the pitfalls of modern-day religion and simply took it upon himself to create a better one. But in order to accomplish this, it was necessary to take the vantage point of appealing unto the already indoctrinated.

To prove Mauricio was not the prophetically appointed seer of the very real and tangible golden plates that truly were in possession of many prophets, I contacted him and deceived him into believing me to be a genuine investigator of his claims. He provided me photos of the golden plates he possessed which I allowed to be smeared over the internet, which accomplished my goal:

I proved that these were not the legitimate plates. 2 Nephi 27:12 makes it clear that the book is to be hid from the world and none are to behold the plates other than the witnesses that God calls upon to view them…

However, during my recent study of discovering and listing out each and every commandment of God, I came across one that had relevance to the very thing I’d done in the case of Mauricio: “I say unto you, wo be unto him that lieth to deceive because he supposeth that another lieth to deceive, for such are not exempt from the justice of God.” (D&C 10:28)

Even if Mauricio is a pretender and I had noble intentions, I was not exempt from the commandment to not lie, to not deceive. This experience gave me an even greater insight into the minds of a particular subset of false prophets, the ones who begin with good intentions in doing what they believe to be best for others. The profundity of the verse becomes even more apparent if attributed it to the likes of Christopher Nemelka.

He lies to deceive because he supposes that Joseph lied to deceive—not to prove Joseph wrong, but to continue the very same supposition made of the deceiver.

Although it appears as though Christopher may understand the essence of the gospel message (that it is all rooted in love) he has missed a very important aspect of it…


We are sanctified by truth; and the word of God is truth. (John 17:17)

The word of God as contained in the Book of Mormon cannot be anything less than truth.

When Jesus said he was the way, the truth, and the life, this was not a statement inferring some form of “deeper” truth.

Jesus Christ the redeemer is the Spirit of truth; (D&C 93:9) “and truth is a knowledge of things as they are, and as they were, and as they are to come.” (verse 24)

Truth is not individualistic; it is knowledge.

The word of God contains knowledge of things as they are, how they once were, and how things will be.

Therefore, the Book of Mormon is a knowledge of how things once were, while containing a perfect representation of how things are, as well as providing a completely accurate account of what prophetic things will take place.

There is no room for believing The Book of Mormon to be true in a “spiritual sense” while not being true in a literal sense. Accepting the word of God to be anything other than true in every sense of the word is a path of unbelief, which undoubtedly departs you from the living God. (Hebrews 3:12)

The question remains: Where does Mauricio fall into place here?

While Christopher Nemelka justifies his deception as part of his role as a “true” prophet, Mauricio has in his possession a tangible set of golden plates that would have taken years of skilful learning to produce. I doubt he created them on his own. Right now I suspect he wasn’t even involved in their creation at all.

Joseph Smith is reported to have said: “Some revelations are of God; some revelations are of man; and some revelations are of the devil.”

After having read the first extract given of Mauricio Berger, I conclude:

1830-Book of Mormon – a revelation of God

The Sealed Portion by Christopher Nemelka – a revelation of man

The Sealed Book of Mormon – a revelation of the devil

It is clear to me that we are not dealing with another Christopher—or even a Denver Snuffer for that matter. This work which purports to be originating in Brazil is not the work of one man who simply had too much time on his hands. It had to have been orchestrated in secret chambers by the enemy. I wouldn’t doubt that the intent of this work is to distract the Mormon masses from paying attention to the true prophetic events that are most likely occurring behind the scenes right now.

Do I think Mauricio is the deceiver? For now I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt that he himself has been deceived. There’s always a chance that the enemy transformed itself into an angel of light (2 Cor 11:14) to provide Mauricio the impressive artifact he channelled through to reveal the now-available scripture. Through this semi-artificial prop, which was surely constructed by witchcraft and sorcery, Mauricio has very likely contracted false and evil spirits that will plague everything within his life. Even if he really was a good man, the fruits of this work will turn him into everything he ever hated. We should pray for him. Things need not get any worse.

In the meanwhile, I will soon breakdown a few false doctrines in Mauricio’s book as I read through it a second and last time.

Also, let me remind you that I am not a prophet. My take on Mauricio and the true origins of his story is conjecture and my own opinion.

Only until God sees fit to show forth the works of darkness and abominations through his servant Gazelem will we know who the false brethren have been all this time. The elect, who serve God as his people, (Alma 37:23) are currently scattered in all denominations and false religions. All of them are surrounded by professing believers who work wickedness in secret.

We cannot know of a surety who is false and who is deceived. We can make attempts at this, but the most effective thing we can do is to focus on what we know to be true, and to dismiss anything that contradicts.

If ye will not believe, surely ye shall not be established.” (Isa 7:9)

This verse might have easily inspired the famous phrase If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.

That quote rings true…because it really is.

The work of Mauricio Berger is easily the best thing to compete against the mainstream LDS church—although I can’t, at this time, tell for sure if it will gain as much traction as it sadly deserves.

Those unskilled in the word of God will have every reason to fall for it, for those that do not treasure up the word of God are prophesied to be deceived. (JST-Matt 1:37) I will attempt to steer people clear from this falsity by highlighting what things the Lord has provided us to save us from deceptions such as these.

False prophets were said to one day show forth great signs and wonders.

We may be witnessing the birth of this.


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  1. Dear G.,
    I truly appreciate the work that you DO! Discerning Observation . . . Searching the holy Word and measuring for all of us seeking all truth, thank you, 😉

    The remedy to all deception is in the Atonement, period. When one has within himself such love for the infinite sacrifice that was made for each us by God through Jesus Christ then one has in his possession a contrite spirit and a broken forgiving heart.

    The mandate or commandment from our Lord is to treasure up the word of God and to take the Holy Spirit as our guide while walking in hidden darkness during this apostacy, this is the first piece (peace) of the remedy.

    The second piece is possessing a contrite spirit and broken heart, therefor with each of these pieces we are then given the third piece as we are instructed and commanded to “Preach repentance and publish peace” that’s it, that’s all, that is sufficient, period.

    Any amount of contention that is realized in one’s heart must be dealt with forthwith, immediately through prayer pondering and supplication, as any amount of contention is not of God, ridding the heart of all contention allows this . . .

    Faith is truth is light is spirit . . . Faith is energy is power is liberating . . .

    As we exercise faith in walking and talking to our Creator offering our daily sacrifice of out contrite spirit and broken heart unto him to DO His will only, we will be edified in His love and we will therefor become as faithful as the brother of Jared and have a perfect understanding of His love and faith by exercising ours for Him as well as for our brother(s) and ourselves.

    The promise made to the elect and the protection from deception is certain and sure just as Jesus Christ is the “surety for those who take His name upon themselves and bow down to Him as the one and only true God of this world, it is “certain” as one prepares himself to meet the “true servants of the Lord” to receive the proper order and manner of baptism, to to die with and in Christ and come up out of that burial with Him as a new creature in Christ . . . the straight gate . . . entering willfully to embark upon and enduring the narrow path through “all hazards” to make it home with Them forever.

    Your work inspires me G., and therefor this message of hope, for all those seeking all truth . . . This truth emanates from my heart, thank you.


    • When you doubt the Messenger you doubt the Lord. You worship a God you desire, not the God that is. He allows you to get lost in your vanities and empty promises. Your do-nothing, self-serving mentality, He sees clear as Day. Vile.

      You are a slut for the lord, that is, yourself. All you take is of worldly convenience, with your whore. As if your Luciferian sheen is not seen! We see you vipers, Angel, and you will not sheen.

      Part Deux

      Gazelem is barely a word at all. It is a filler word, barely meaning journey, or tester, or companion, or mirror (of the spirit, of oneself). It means everything, and nothing. It is a placeholder word. Very odd.


  2. On the other hand, it means vaguely messenger, Michael, Light, but sincerely, it is very vague, and I do not expect it narrows to one particular person or persona, but rather refers to a Type. Not all words are like this, it is a very weak, vague word. And I know Words.


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