Doctrine of Denver Conference

Things were starting to cool off in the Mormon world.

Denver Snuffer sure keeps us bloggers busy.

The last interesting thing to happen was when DS released his ridiculous rendition of The Book of John.

Watcher destroyed it here:

I am now going to destroy Denver’s words at his conference.

Currently, on the website, they only have the audio—no transcripts available yet—so I had to drudge through 2+ hr of audio. Denver’s voice is so boring and un-illuminating, I hope you know it took a lot of willpower to listen to it all. It’s almost as boring as General Conference.

I know the majority of my readers believe Denver to be a prophet. You guys have thick skin to keep reading my blog. I don’t mean to alienate you, and I hope you forgive me for speaking evil against your anointed.

The first bomb-shell that Denver drops during his talk is that the “fulness of the scriptures” is available.

This new set of scriptures does some interesting things: it includes the Lectures on Faith (a no-brainer) and it also includes revelations by Denver himself and little bonus things that Joseph said that DS has decided to canonize.

Much like Brigham Young with Section 130, Denver Snuffer has decided to canonize the words of Joseph Smith that he never intended to canonize. Everything that Joseph revealed had to be kept in check by Sidney Rigdon. The Lord knew Joseph would speak presumptuously, which is why he gave him a spokesman, to keep him in line with the Word of God.

Joseph taught many erroneous things.

It’s a bold thing to proclaim yourself to have the same calling that Sidney Rigdon did.

Section 132—the doctrine have plural marriage—was never given to Sidney Rigdon to do his regular check-up. This is why it was never canonized. Had Sidney read it, he would have thrown it into a fire.

Denver has not removed Section 132, but has “revised” it, as Section 54. He removed the uncomfortable bits, but it proves what I’ve said time and time again: Denver believes in polygamy.

In Passing the Heavenly Gift, he wrote that by marrying Fanny Alger, Joseph completed his Abrahamic sacrifice, which gave him the sealing power. This, I of course find ridiculous.

Denver, being so full of wisdom, added something of his own into the Book of Proverbs– which makes no sense at all, since that’s the Old Testament, like seriously WTF

He says, in their scripture edition, Proverbs 10:23 “The eternal union of man and woman is a return to Eden before the Fall. The Temple and the ordinances found there are, for us, the return to Eden before the Fall and the completion of creation through the union of man and woman in an infinite covenant.”

Denver still believes in the Nauvoo temple ordinances! He is going to restore these in his new temple.

By including his own 132, he proves that he has not changed his mind on this matter. He may play softball and say Joseph was not sleeping with his wives, but he believes Joseph was commanded by God to take multiple wives nonetheless.

[The women he married claimed to have had sex with Joseph. But they were just lying apparently.]

At the end of Snuffer’s address, he says polygamy is adultery. But he only rejects polygamy “of men;” he does not reject polygamy “of God.” Whatever is going on in “your skull”—he says, in regards to polygamy—is wrong, but what God says on the matter is something he is keeping to himself.

He believes polygamy was commanded by God as an Abrahamic sacrifice. He is going to say exactly what Brigham said…. I didn’t want to practice polygamy! It was the last thing on my mind! But the Lord commanded it, and I had to do it!


If you take the word of God seriously, you take the calling of Sidney Rigdon seriously.

The Pearl of Great Price was canonized by apostates, not Joseph and Sidney.

Denver Snuffer, if he had the same calling as Sidney Rigdon, would have dissolved the “POGP” and separated the Book of Abraham as a singular book.

But Denver is just as bad as Brigham Young and Orson Hyde. He is canonizing things that were never meant to be canonized. This is just as bad as de-canonizing the Lectures on Faith.

The Wentworth Letter, Joseph Smith History…

Those are not scripture!

Denver’s new scriptures are a MESS.

Section 133 was supposed to be the appendices of the D&C. Denver has it listed as Section 21.

They’ve even included the ridiculous Section 126—to them, Section 167—which Brigham Young obviously made up.


Where was the discernment there? How did this movement not know that Section 126 was a lie of BY? Probably because they don’t have the Spirit of God.

I could go on…

Okay one last one: NO SECTION 110!!!!!!!

One of the most important and valuable revelations… REMOVED… Yike-a-rumba…

Section 110 is a no good, but the revelation on polygamy and the Nauvoo Temple ordinances are okay.



At about fifty minutes into Denver’s talk, he says that the Work of the Father has already commenced.

I have blogged about this here:

The Marvelous Work and a Wonder must occur FIRST.

The Work of the Father only commences once the first trumpet blows and the tares are burned.

1 Nephi 14:

17 And when the day cometh that the wrath of God is poured out upon the mother of harlots, which is the great and abominable church of all the earth, whose founder is the devil, then, at that day, the work of the Father shall commence, in preparing the way for the fulfilling of his covenants, which he hath made to his people who are of the house of Israel.

Denver Snuffer does not understand the scriptures if he believes the Work of the Father has commenced.

The Marvelous Work must occur first, to gather the wheat (Gentiles) out from the tares. Once the wrath of God/tribulation occurs, THEN the Work of the Father commences in gathering all the dispersed of Israel.


In their “Pearls of Great Price”, Denver drops another huge bomb-shell…

On the 10 th day of September, 2011 the word of the Lord said to me, You shall no longer be called Denver, but your name shall be called David.”


Denver has fully established his position as the Davidic servant of the end-times.


I’ll start calling him Dave Snuffer from now on, hahaha.


10 thoughts on “Doctrine of Denver Conference”

    1. Why is my identity important?

      Either I’m right or wrong.

      Anyone that emails me knows I don’t hide my identity, nor am I seeking to convince anyone.

      You should focus on the message not the messenger.



  1. You bring up some very good points G.azelem

    I also agree with you.

    You said:

    “At about fifty minutes into Denver’s talk, he says that the Work of the Father has already commenced…The Marvelous Work and a Wonder must occur FIRST”

    You really nailed that one, I was shocked that Denver encouraged his listeners to read 3 Nephi 21 to validate his claim that the work has commenced because of the coming forth of the Snufferite scriptures and proposed temple, etc.

    According to 3rd Nephi 21, the work cannot commence until AFTER the Gentiles first REPENT and are then “established in this land and set up as a free people by the POWER of the FATHER”

    That has clearly not happened. The Gentiles have not repented and the Father has not established the gentiles in the land with his power.

    Denver did not begin his public narrative by encouraging the gentiles to repent and return to the doctrine of Christ. He did just the opposite.

    When he published his book “The Second Comforter” in 2006, he was a poster child for the LDS church and he was telling his followers that as members of the only true church, they had the fulness of the gospel and they could part the heavens and get the second comforter.

    He did not understand at that time that he and his fellow gentiles needed to repent and receive the true first ordinances BEFORE they could get the second Comforter.

    By the time Denver published “Passing the Heavenly Gift” in 2011, he had learned that there were serious problems in the church.


    Great post.


  2. I had someone tell me that Denver doesn’t proclaim himself a prophet. I look at many people whose blog posts I had been enjoying, they had many good points, and suddenly, they are all talking about Denver and his new scriptures. I think what has happened is that people saw the L.D.S. church was dead inside. It wasn’t living up to what we read about in the Book of Mormon. So, they started to seek for those things that were alive. They wanted what was missing. They wanted someone to really talk about the gospel, and Christ, and coming to Him. That’s not been happening in the L.D.S. church.

    So, along comes Denver. When I started to wake up, I googled Boise rescue and the site it landed on was onewhoissearching and I read what he wrote about it, then read all his posts. There I saw onewhoiswathcing’s comments and read all of his posts. When you read about the secret history of Mormonism by one who is watching, it answers so many questions. It is what is missing. If you really study and compare, you can see the holes in the Denver scriptures. I’d say someone who proclaims to be receiving scriptures, is proclaiming to be a prophet. I’m quite tired of “prophets” myself.

    I think we need to take a deep breath and keep being patient. It will all unfold, it’s just taking longer than we’d all want. If we jump the gun, we’ll go off in another wrong direction.


  3. Can you clarify your comment on D&C 110?
    My understanding is that Section 110 was added to the D&C in 1879…years after Josephs death. Written by Warren Cowdery, in 3rd person, See Joseph Smith Papers, Vol 1, pg 61-222
    To me that makes it questionable as canonized scripture.


    1. After Peter, James , and John were visited by Moses and Elias, they were commanded by Jesus to “tell no man” what had happened. So when Moses and Elias visit Joseph and Oliver, of course they are to tell no man. Why would Warren write down the experience in 1836 if it never happened? What was Warrens intentions? Obviously this was part of God’s plan. There are numerous verses in the D&C that correlate with 110. Then again, it takes the spirit to know what’s true and what’s not. I know without a shadow of a doubt that 110 is a true revelation.


  4. Janae, I went to, and, then I typed in Section 110 in the search box, and posts came up with more of the history and explanation of Section 110. After reading those posts and studying them, I think it is a real revelation that was saved to come out later. I think there are hidden things in the L.D.S. history, that The Secret History of Mormonism, written by One who is watching, either on Youtube or his blog, helps us uncover what is really going on. I think we have to keep searching and studying and thinking about all these things. I love reading and thinking about what the truth really is. I think it will all be revealed in a clearer way one of these days…… : )


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