Jeremy Runnells’ Court of Love

Today I was happy to find a video recording of Jeremy Runnel’s court of love, which has been posted online for all eyes to see.

Of course Jeremy would not miss the opportunity to film this big day of his. His letter, website, and upcoming film made it a necessary demand. It was all part of the package.

His website looks great! Better than mine. My favorite thing about it is his attempt to ask people for monthly donations. His website so reads: “If the CES Letter has added value to your life, please pay it forward. Your support will allow us to continue to help the honest in heart seekers.”

I’m still trying to figure out exactly how a monthly donation will help the CES letter gain more traffic. Wouldn’t just asking people to share it with others do the trick?

Jeremy sure is proud of his letter. I’m also trying to figure that out too– what makes it so special– because to me it’s nothing but a rehash of the same old stuff that’s always been leveled at the church.


Jeremy has arrived on the LDS scene at a very interesting point of time.

What made the court proceedings so fasincating to me was how he was able to refer to the church essays.

His words: “The church’s essays are in public opposition to the church.”

Here, Jeremy is quite profound in saying this. The essays published by the church are on the same level as his own production. They both shoot holes in the LDS truth claims.

This creates quite an interesting dynamic. No one has got the truth. Everybody’s an apostate! Of course, this is what I try and explain in every single one of my posts. Currently on earth there are, “none that doeth good, no not one.” (Romans 3:12/Psalm 14:3)

In Joseph’s 1832 account of having seen God in the grove, he was told by Him that, “the world lieth in sin; and at this time none doeth good, no not one; they have turned aside from the gospel and keep not my commandments.”

We all need to have the Joseph Smith experience and receive the revelation from heaven that there is no church on earth with the authority and power to save us from ourselves.

In Section 35, the Lord explained that “there are none that doeth good EXCEPT those who are READY to receive the fulness of the gospel.”

The fulness of the gospel is not on the earth.

But the Lord is preparing the pure in heart for when it is.

Will you be ready— do you know what the fulness of the gospel is?


My heart goes out to Jeremy, and also to those wicked LDS church leaders who are just as lost as he is. I pray we may all come to a better understanding of who we are and what our purpose in life is. We’re all living in a twilight zone, but there are answers.

I believe in the promises of Jesus Christ. We were told that if we ask, we will receive. All we need is faith.

“Nevertheless when the Son of man cometh, shall he find faith on the earth?” (Luke 18:8)

Sadly, we live in a world that is lacking of faith. The saints rely on false prophets for gospel understanding; and if they don’t, they are indoctrinated otherwise, by human learning— by science, historians, or by mormon apologetics.

To this I quote Joseph Smith:

“The truth of God will go forth boldly, nobly, and independent, till it has […] sounded in every ear, till the purposes of God shall be accomplished.” (1842 Wentworth letter)

Notice that Joseph did not say that the LDS church would go forth boldly and nobly— no no, he said the TRUTH would.

So what is the truth? And where can it be found?


True Priesthood Messengers

It was General Conference last weekend– but this time around, I decided to not waste my time, and instead enjoy the weekend and find more productive things to do.

On Sunday morning I scooped up the oppurtunity to attend a different church. I went to the Kingdom Hall, for a special seminar that the Jehovah’s Witnesses have every year.

It soon became apparent to the Witnesses that I was not a member of their faith. Naturally, they asked if they could come visit/teach me at some point in the week. I obliged, and two of them met with me on Tuesday morning.

I gave them an entire hour to teach me whatever their hearts desired. One full hour. They read scripture, talked about current events in the world, and explained the importance of using God’s rightful name Jehovah.

After an hour I decided to take the steering wheel and bring the conversation further. What were they trying to get at? After an entire hour, not once had they mentioned Jesus Christ.

“What is your intention when you go out to teach people?” I asked.

“We want them to make informed decisions.”

“About what?”

“About Jehovah.”

“What do you want them to do?”

“Decide whether or not they follow him.”

“How do they follow him?”

“By learning what the Bible says.”

“What does the Bible say?”

“Lots of things. It has guidelines and rules we need to follow.”

The two witnesses gave me a book called ‘What Does The Bible Really Teach?’ which I discovered includes nineteen chapters. This meant one chapter per visit. It would take nineteen visits to understand what I needed to know to make an informed decision– yet I still hadn’t figured out exactly what decision they had in mind.

I hope you’ve noticed the very important thing missing…

Not once did they explain to me the absolute need to come unto Christ and be redeemed through him. Not once did they even mention the principle of faith.

Like the Mormons, the JW’s do not have a saving faith through the true gospel of Jesus Christ. They cannot teach it, because they have not experienced anything like it.

A few weeks ago I invited the Mormon missionaries to teach one of my non-believer friends. We read a passage from the Book of Mormon, and a verse stuck out to him. He stopped the missionaries mid-lesson and asked, “How do you receive a remission of sins?”

Neither one of the missionaries could answer his question. One of them attempted to do so… he went on a five minute tangent about how the church was true; how we need to do our best; and that God loves us and made it possible for us to return to him.

Yet he never explained how God made it possible.

What was missing was this:

Jesus Christ died on the cross for your sins, and through faith and repentance you can receive the free gift of eternal life.

When true priesthood messengers come among us again, they will be teaching the true gospel. Unlike mormon missionaries they will not bear testimony that the LDS church is true, or that the word of wisdom is true, or that eternal families are true…

Their testimony will be same testimony that Joseph Smith and Sidney Rigdon gave to us as recorded in Section 76.

They will bear testimony that the Savior lives, for they will have seen him. They will teach us the true gospel.

In D&C 6:9, Oliver Cowdery was told to, “Say nothing but repentance unto this generation.”

Why only repentance?

Because the Gentiles would not repent– and still have not repented– of all the sins they are guilty of.

If they had, we would have the sealed portion of the Book of Mormon available to us. Ether 4 explains this:

6 … [the sealed portion] shall not go forth unto the Gentiles until the day they shall repent of their iniquity, and become clean before the Lord.

The sealed portion has not gone forth, because the Gentiles have not repented of their iniquity.

So is it any wonder we do not have the true baptism of water, nor the true baptism of fire? The wording of the baptismal prayer has been changed; and we have been given a temple ordinance in place of the baptism of fire.

None are clean before the Lord.

No one on earth can receive their sanctification and part the heavens to commune with God the Father.

This is why there is division and confusion about the nature of God.

Mathew 11:

27 All things are delivered unto me of my Father: and no man knoweth the Son, but the Father; neither knoweth any man the Father, save the Son, and he to whomsoever the Son will reveal him.

Only when someone has come unto Christ will the Father be revealed unto them. It is ONLY then that someone will truly KNOW God the Father.

If no one is coming unto Christ, no one knows the Father.

It doesn’t matter what you believe about God if you don’t know the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Because the LDS church fell into apostasy by 1842, Joseph began teaching a false and blasphemous concept of who God is. Was it soul daming that he did this? Are people damned for believing in a false God?

I’m going to go out on a limb and say no.

They are already damned–

Because it doesn’t matter what you believe about God if it hasn’t been revealed to you through Jesus Christ. Whether he is an exalted man, or Adam, or Allah, or Krishna, or in fact Jehovah, it is irrelevant.

This is eternal life: to KNOW the only true God. (John 17:3) And eternal life comes only in and through Jesus Christ. No man comes unto the Father but through the Son.

When true priesthood messengers come to the earth, their message will be the same message in New Testament times, the same message that Joseph Smith taught and preached before he was corrupted by the sins of the Gentiles and the unbelief of Israel.

Acts 2:

38 … Repent, and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins, and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost.