Protect the Children: Lia Marie Johnson

I’ve been working on some extremely complex topics over the last few months and can’t see myself organizing them anytime soon into something that’s actually coherent or useful for the study of others. For now, I want to continue off my last article and relate it to a disturbing event that is occurring right now.

There is a young woman in great distress, who—due to her fame in the music and TV industry—is beneath a gigantic spotlight as she suffers numerous self-destructive behaviors. Her behavior has become more and more erratic and is alarming the many fans that have watched her grow up over the years.

Her name is Lia Marie Johnson.

The reason we know what she is going through is because she is live-streaming herself for days on end on Instagram.

The conclusion one could easily make is that she is addicted to drugs and alcohol. Lia has also admitted—during one of her hours-long video rants—to being diagnosed with schizophrenia. Mixing anti-psychotics and whatever illicit substance she can get her hands on can clearly contribute to a complete mental breakdown.

But all of this are only symptoms of something deeper. I doubt she has an authentic disorder of (what is usually genetic) schizophrenia. Rather, I’d more quickly presume that an alter-ego emerged in Lia at a young age through cases of trauma.

With a recent string of events surrounding her live-streams, the pieces of her life are coming together. Everybody who has been following this ordeal is now seeing things as they really are.

Lia is a survivor to being sexually assaulted by someone who had the power to make her famous.

In one of her live streams, she revealed that the first time she tried drugs was when she was 15, then clues: “My life has been kinda f***** since then.”

The clue is that when she was 15 she began working with music producer, Steven Wetherbee.

During one of her more recent live-streams, she can be seen intoxicated and kissing someone in a house that does not belong to her. You can’t tell who the person is, until the very end of it, when the man trying to take advantage of Lia realizes that her phone is filming and streaming.

What are you doing?” he asks, worried. “Are you in Instagram? … This can’t get out. This would be bad for my career.”

He takes the phone away. But a miracle happens. We capture a glimpse of the abuser before they turn her phone off. It is Steven Wetherbee. Not only had the voice sounded undeniably similar, his face was shown just long enough to provide irrefutable evidence of his true nature. He didn’t know a camera was filming him trying to placate and control this helpless and intoxicated young woman.

In researching this demonic personality, I came across a horrifying interview that he gave. He’s being asked questions by two young girls and they ask him his favourite part about being a photographer and he says it’s that he get to meet kids (little girls) like the ones interviewing him.

Then they ask his favourite colour, and what comes next is a clear representation of what is surely a carefully constructed response to groom girls into having a worldview that is as screwed up as he is.

If you could describe yourself in colours, what type of colour would you be?”

Steven Wetherbee:

This is gonna sound really weird, but um, I think pink and black. And pink because pink is just this friendly colour. Nobody is afraid of pink, but black is… it’s kind of this mysterious colour, so you kinda don’t know what’s gonna happen through that friendly venture. But the black is kinda the unknown. So you got the friendly warm pink thing, and then the unknown with what’s going to happen with that.”


A British prankster on Youtube, Sam Pepper—someone who creates content that is the opposite of godly—reached out to her, deeply saddened by the unfolding of events that have led Lia’s very-public breakdown. Before the live-stream expose of Steven Wetherbee went down, Sam asked her, “Are you close to your friends? Where are they? If I had a friend live-streaming and ranting for hours upon hours I’d go and see them.”

So why isn’t anyone visiting Lia? Why are the people in her life not concerned for her mental health? Why is Sam Pepper, someone who lives in England, the only one who cares? A guy who considers it a prank to touch girls butts in public.

The real devils are harder to spot. They are the ones that allow abuse to occur. That accept it as a trade-off for their own desires. I don’t know anything about Lia’s family, but it wouldn’t surprise me if they are perfectly aware of the kind of world they signed their daughter up for.

Oaths and covenants are drawn up between those seeking money and/or their own sick desires. Some poor souls get caught up in the middle of it.

In closing I want to share something from Lia. In tears, she shared this poem:

You are my light and it feels like a star is dying
Bring me to life because all I’m doing is trying
Fighting the urge to forget who I am
Remembering you for you, I hope you understand
I never knew love could be so brutal
I’m injured and I’m always coming back for more
That’s why you called my soul yours

Pray for Lia, pray for justice, pray for healing…

Lia’s erratic behaviour has inadvertently exposed Steven Wetherbee for the sicko he is. Yet when they lock him up, there will be many hearts left to heal.

The Lord will bless and mend the broken,


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  1. You create the way of the world, the world is the result. You create an open platform for females to gallavant around in whore makeup obsessing over vanity in your churches of mammon worship, and wonder why they are abused. You set no proper standards, instead allowing sluts to parade around for the sake of ‘freedom’ to sin. When you build your foundation on monry-grubbing whoredom and condone such a ‘career’, you are responsible for breeding the vipers that always follow such a way. And you will personally answer for that sin, along with everyone else who pretends to charity but in fact does nothing to change the way.


  2. If you really wanted to protect young females, you would ensure they are given to be taught by true saints. Instead you give them to ignorant children as a menstrual sacrifice. You care more about the freedom to engage in skankery than you do the salvation of souls. Instead of promoting seasoned wise men teaching young women, you put roadblocks in the way out of envy in your lesser slovenliness, and become a liar to shame your superiors. You put ignorant children together rather than the natural order of a wise and tested elder with a young and innocent virgin who he may instruct. You set males and females as equals instead of a proper pairing, going against God to suit your perversions, mating ignorant boys in college with females nigh the same age. You are responsible for the mess that results because all you care about is pussy, being selfish and stunted spiritually. The wrath that follows will be impeccable. But you had your chance to do right, to be nice, and to listen. Suffer well.


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