Protect the Children

The LDS corporation recently released a new training program to protect youth from abuse, which all church leaders are required to go through.

As much as I wish I could applaud the church for making an effort, I found the training a wasted opportunity to address the real issues at hand. The most disheartening thing about it was how vapid the material was. It includes colourful videos of cartoon people with big teardrops and large frowns and eccentric smiles. It’s light, fluffy. Everyone forced to watch it and answer the questions will finish it with no real lesson being learned. They’ll walk away from their computer with a smile on their face thinking all is well.

On a recent long drive with my mother, I shared a sermon with her by a Christian pastor, and through this experience I realized just how different the worldviews are between Mormons and Christians. My mom wasn’t able to connect with what the pastor said because she didn’t think it could apply to the whole world. I told her that was the point; it was for those who were following God, not the entire world at large.

Mormons believe everyone is a child of God, while Christians on the other hand believe the children of God are only those who are converted unto Christ.

Believing everybody is special in God’s eyes paints a worldview where everybody is actually a good person…deep down—but this is far from the truth. Mormons are naive about the reality that a large portion of the people surrounding us are depraved in ways they can’t even imagine.

If the church really cared and took this seriously—instead of continuously trying to save face—this is the message they would have conveyed in the training program:

There are thousands and thousands of children and youth that have been abused in this church by their youth leaders, bishops, and stake presidents. We have been shocked to discover that individuals with high callings in this church have been responsible for destroying the lives of countless innocent children. We have failed to prevent this and are now doing all we can to stop any further damage from being done. We call on you to keep a careful watch on those who have been called to lead the church where you live. Leaders have abused their priesthood and asked intrusive and inappropriate questions to minors and this is a form of sexual abuse. If you are aware of any leaders who are doing this, it needs to be reported immediately. The church needs to release these leaders from their callings. We need your help to keep the wolves in sheep’s clothing out of our flock. We apologize for not addressing these issues earlier and hope you can forgive us. It is our prayer and hope that we may begin to work together to save our children from the abuse we unfortunately find in a church that was meant to be a refuge from the ills of the world. We know this hope is a possibility, but we will need your help if we are to ever succeed.

But, of course, the church admits no wrong-doing.

The church does not address what is happening. All you need to do is browse Sam Young’s website ten minutes to realize what is at stake.


To relate a personal story, let me bring you back to a district conference I attended in 2012. My family and I were sitting together in a room with the patriarch of the area we lived, and just as I was about to receive my patriarchal blessing, a knock came at the door. My branch president had just been informed that he did not have the authority he thought he had to deem me worthy, that I needed a “brief” interview with the mission president. I was ushered into another room to speak with President ********—who is now, today, an Area Seventy.

This old man grilled me for a half-an-hour about all the sexual encounters I’d ever experienced, asking me to give detailed accounts. When I spoke vaguely, he’d ask specific—and obviously irrelevant—questions that demanded minute details.

He loved every second, and got excited as he succeeded in convincing me to tell him more and more. Masturbation was his favourite topic.

After a half-an-hour of being interrogated he said I was good-to-go—I was worthy now—and I walked back into the room with my family and the patriarch and his wife. They were all glowing and smiling at me as I returned. I put on a face, yet inside I felt sick and nauseous. They would forever remain unaware of how disturbed I was—that I’d been completely mind-f***** by a dirty old man.

As I was given what I’d been told would be, “the most spiritual experience of your life—the thing I’d waited my entire adolescent life to receive—my mind was unable to concentrate on anything the patriarch blessed me with. All I could think of was the President’s eyes…how they’d hungrily light up with each new sexual detail I divulged. That look on his face would haunt me for many years.

I was twenty-one years old at the time.

Now imagine what something like this would be like for a young teenager, or someone who hasn’t even hit puberty. The implications of an experience like this for someone still developing a self-identity would be soul crushing.

And my experience is just the tip of the iceberg.

Far worse things are happening. Every single Sunday.


Back in 2017, I blogged about Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton and the Jeffrey Epstein connection. Epstein was put in prison for soliciting young girls for under-age prostitution. He was a billionaire who owned a sex island that rich people would fly to and attend occultist sex parties.

Jeffrey Epstein committed suicide on August 10th 2019 in his jail cell, leaving the world with many secrets, some of which connected him not only to American government but British royalty.

Epstein and Trump were friends at one point. I don’t doubt Trump has gotten himself involved with high-class sex parties, but there is a difference between Trump and the others who are connected to Epstein—like Bill Clinton, for instance, who attended the sex island on 20+ occasions. There was a line in the sand that Epstein no doubt sensed in Trump…that he wasn’t interested in paedophilia.

Trump banned Epstein from the Maralago Club after Epstein assaulted an underage girl.


Although I originally considered going into great depth with this post about what is occurring behind the scenes right now, it is quite frankly far too depressing for me to continue any further. Let me quickly end this by stating that there exists a dark seedy world that engulfs the governments of the world and even overlaps into LDS church. The Mormon leaders have made it clear that they have no interest in exposing the secret works of darkness. They are not protecting the flock.

And this saddens me greatly.

We wrestle […] against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” (Eph 6:12)

Inasmuch as church leaders continue to ignore the happenings of spiritual wickedness, they are rulers of darkness in their naive compliance. The cheesy training video they’ve required church leaders to go through is a sick joke.


The one thing I do remember the patriarch saying to me as I sat there—my mind-spinning, feeling sick to my stomach—was his prophesying unto me that one day, “the time will come when you will need to use the priesthood to protect your family.”

Depending on the LDS institution would be a grave error. We need to protect the family of God ourselves; and do so by calling, “on the name of our God for protection.” (3 Nephi 4:30)


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  1. “Depending on the LDS institution would be a grave error. We need to protect the family of God ourselves; and do so by calling, ‘on the name of our God for protection.’ (3 Nephi 4:30)”

    Until you listen to me, you will never know. Sad but true. I don’t wish to lead, but if you listened, you could know.


  2. Maybe there is some purpose to it. Maybe there are some Q’s I can answer to make more clear. I just don’t feel like wasting my time. People don’t care about prophets or the good (saints). They just have a proxy king they worship, to worship themselves. Maybe I can’t make others like me, but if you just want to steal and won’t bend the knee to authority, that’s my issue. Maybe I can be a consultant, and it won’t be a waste of my time. But as long as the people won’t provide subsistence for a prophet, you’re going to meet resistance, because it’s clear humans don’t care and just want to use. I have a lot to be angry over. And I’m not going to give just for it to be wasted or tainted for the slobs here. The problem is, I’m disgusted by humans. I wouldn’t even want to put forth the effort to lead them, if I could, and they aren’t even faithful or reliable so there’s nowhere to rest trust in them, so ofc I couldn’t. Plus I don’t want to. To help them at all, maybe it’s just a lost cause or vanity. I have no compunction to reveal exegesis myself, is the problem, so if someone can prod me to reveal interesting materiels, then it might benefit all. I just don’t have the gumption to do it myself. If you think you want to drive the discussion, in private, snd not just thieve, maybe we can. I just don’t want it to be cold. Bring the warmth of care, not the starkness of the paddle game…. These are all tests…. Be honest with inquiry or I’ll point out how you aren’t, I suppose, and then I won’t have to play rough stuff.


  3. Side relevant fact: Queers only exist when your men are cunts and your women are slags. Every queer just wants a good woman, it’s just that they don’t exist and the shitty men take every girl who’s close.

    God is very pissed about this. You basically have shat in the face of genuine cuddly love, to serve whores.

    Thus, you are damned.


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