Davey Snuffer & James Strange

We read of today’s professing followers of Christ:

“This is a rebellious people, lying children, children that will not hear the law of the Lord: Which say to the seers, See not; and to the prophets, Prophesy not unto us right things, speak unto us smooth things, prophesy deceits.” (Isa 30:9-10)

Before the coming of Christ, this verse is more easily applied to the law of Moses and the Jews of ancient Israel. Yet the Book of Isaiah was written to have a dual fulfillment (3 Ne 23:3) and it is this duality which has made it a difficult and mysterious book to follow.

There are three prophetic days: yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

We live during a time which “is called today until the coming of the Son of Man.”

After today cometh the burning—this is speaking after the manner of the Lord—for verily I say, tomorrow all the proud and they that do wickedly shall be as stubble; and I will burn them up, for I am the Lord of Hosts; and I will not spare any that remain in Babylon. Wherefore, if ye believe me, ye will labour while it is called today.” (D&C 64:23-25)

Today, the words of Isaiah are fulfilled before us within a broader perspective—since we now possess a knowledge of the fulness of the gospel. We can evaluate Isaiah through the higher law Jesus taught and made known to the world during his earthly ministry.

In 1831, the celestial teachings—sprinkled throughout the narratives of the four gospels—were organized into a single section with the clear identification of itself. Jesus Christ, the Lord, explicitly states the revelation to comprise “the law.” (D&C 42:2)

Those that actually contemplate the difficulty of receiving and doing the law necessary to be a disciple of Christ (D&C 41:5) will have a similar response as did the followers of Christ in the meridian of time: Who then can be saved? (Matt 19:25)

In connection to this, observe the retort made when Christ teaches the true doctrines of marriage: “His disciples say unto him, If the case of the man be so with his wife, it is not good to marry.”

Jesus replies: “All men cannot receive this saying, save they to whom it is given. […] He that is able to receive it, let him receive it.” (Matt 19:10-12)

Today is the day we are to perform the labors asked of us to prove our divine origin. We’ve been called to perform what most dismiss as unachievable. The Christian world conclude the commandments to be unreasonable expectations, believing them to have been provided for the sole reason to indicate how truly wretched we humans are.

But those who desire to follow God will settle for no less than the seemingly impossible—because they hold a faith that confirms the eternal truth: “with God all things are possible.”

Living the higher law is proof of an inborn celestial composition.

Years ago I criticized Denver Snuffer for his status of being a divorced man who remarried, that this was the greatest piece of evidence to not trust him as a prophet or teacher. Many took offence to this, telling me I was naive and too young to understand the world in all its complexities.

They are right to say such a thing, but they are wrong in casting away the validity of my apprehension.

When it comes to the things of God it doesn’t matter what you know about the world; it comes down to what you know about God.

I am nearly finished compiling a list of every commandment and admonition of the Lord given through Joseph Smith in the Covenants of the original book of The Doctrine and Covenants. Below is a point-by-point listing of what directions are given in the law of the gospel:

Section 42

-Hearken and hear and obey the law

-All to go forth in the power of the Spirit, preaching the gospel, two by two, in the name of Christ

-Lift up voices with the sound of a trump and declare the word like unto the angels of God

-Baptize with water saying repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand

-Build up church in every region westward until New Jerusalem is prepared and revealed from on high

-Elders, priests, and teachers to teach principles of gospel in the Bible and Book of Mormon; observe the covenants and church articles to do them, and these direct teachings; this to be observed until the fulness of scriptures given

-Lift up voices by the Comforter and speak and prophesy

-Do not kill; do not steal; do not lie

-Love wife with all heart and cleave unto her and none else

-Do not commit adultery

-Adultery given one chance to repent; but if commits adultery again is to be cast out

-Do not speak evil of neighbor nor do him any harm

-Remember the poor, consecrate property for their support with a covenant that cannot be broken

-Properties given to the bishop and his counsellors

-Properties for purpose of purchasing lands for public benefit of the church, building houses of worship, and building up of the New Jerusalem

-Be not proud in heart, let garments be plain and in the beauty of being made by own hands

-Let all things be done in cleanliness

-Be not idle

-Those sick to be nourished with tenderness, herbs, and mild foods, not by hand of enemy

-Live together in love, weep for those that die and especially for those who die without hope of a glorious resurrection

-Those without faith are to be borne in their infirmities

-Stand in place of stewardship

-Do not take but pay for brother’s garment

-If obtain more than needed, give unto the storehouse

-Ask for scripture (they shall be preserved in safety)

-When scriptures given, teach unto all nations, kindreds, nations, tongues and people

-Take what has been received for a law to govern the church

-Ask to receive revelation

-Ask to know where the New Jerusalem shall be built

-Teach those in the east to flee unto the west

-Observe all these things; observe all the laws received and be faithful

-Receive coming covenants which will be sufficient to establish you both in Kirtland and the New Jerusalem

-Ask of God if lack wisdom

-Lift up your hearts and rejoice

-Elders and high priests that assist bishop to be given support/remuneration for their services

Those who have put away spouse for the cause of fornication must testify in lowliness of heart that this is the case or they are to be cast out

-Offenders of divorce to be cast out (verse 75)

-Be watchful and careful with all inquiry

-Those who kill to be delivered up to the laws of the land (they have no forgiveness)

-Adulterers to be tried by two witnesses or more

-Robbing and stealing and lying, and other iniquities, to be delivered up to the laws of the land

-If offended, speak alone to to offender; and if they confess, be reconciled

-If any offend openly, rebuke openly; if they confess not, delivered up unto the law of God

-Offenders in secret shall be rebuked in secret for the opportunity to confess so that none speak reproachfully by the church


My inclusion of this compilation is to ask what should be a very sobering question: Has any of the professing believers who align themselves with Denver Snuffer asked him to testify that his divorce was for the cause of his partner having committed fornication?

…Because if not, Denver should be cast out.

I can surmise this has never occurred. My take on the matter is to presume they enjoy having a prophet as weak and sinful as themselves. He does not live up to the law of the gospel and this comforts them in their own failures.

For this, it is clear the Snufferites are among those Isaiah spoke of, who do not want to hear the law of the Lord, nor impose it upon themselves as a standard. They are complacent to remain in their fallen nature. After all, that’s apparently good enough for them to part the heavens and view deity.

They don’t want to hear the right things; they want to hear the “smooth” things. Among the definitions of what classifies smooth, we find those who reject the higher law of Christ will instead desire their prophets to say what will: make [following God] easy; free [them] from harshness [in breaking the commandments]; to soften [their importance]; to calm [their worries]; to mollify; and to flatter.


Something peculiar I noticed about Mauricio Berger was the all-too-familiar abrupt attempt to appeal unto another group of Mormons. On a whim it seemed, he endorsed a belief held by those of us who are awaiting the return of Joseph Smith, specifically aiming it to One Who is Watching—commonly known as ‘Watcher’.

The Brazilian prophet wrote, “Here I confirm again what I said in the e-mail, I know by revelation of Moroni that Joseph will return to finish the job and not because I have read in some place something similar. Yes, he will come, but not in the way the “watcher” testifies, [but] that Joseph will rise again to complete the work.”

False prophets will continuously doctor their message to appeal to whomever they think may reciprocate. Whether that appeal is true or not does not matter so long as it is what the people want to hear.

False prophets do not want to risk losing relevance if nobody is listening. True prophets have the promise of God that regardless to whether or not anybody listens to them it is imperative they speak the truth nonetheless.

Recently I was drawn to something Denver Snuffer recently notified his adherents:

I’m not saying you cease doing genealogical work.

The way in which temple work for the dead was intended to be done was that work of baptism for the dead was confined to only those ancestors you personally knew, who you believed would have accepted the gospel with all their heart had they been permitted to tarry and were only kept from accepting the gospel because they died at a time before it was available for them to embrace.

That’s one category.

A second category was those ancestors about whom you have enough information from their diaries, their letters, their journals, or accounts of their life so that you believe them to be the kind of people that would have embraced the gospel, had they lived at a time when the gospel in its fulness was on the earth.

So that is a second category.

And then the third category was, those ancestors who appear to you and ask that their temple work be done.”

[Source: Denver Snuffer, Q&A, Grand Junction Conference, Restoration Archives]

Had Denver admitted that all the ordinances being performed in behalf of those who are dead is actually a complete misrepresentation of what the ordinance really entails, this would have quickly alienated his audience, the majority of which consist of culturally LDS-entrenched members who most assuredly devoted countless hours doing genealogical work to endlessly perform the dubious ordinance in behalf of their ancestors. By tailoring the doctrine to have it make just a little more sense (although it still makes zero) he is lauded as being revelatory.

Of course, Denver has never revealed anything. Usually he reads something and then goes ahead taking credit for whatever idea he comes across that he feels will resonate. It’s like Ellen G. White—by the time she came around, everything she offered that was of any value had already been revealed.

In this case, Denver’s reading and admonition on the ordinance of baptisms for the dead has been around since 1849:

Section 17

And for these shall ye be baptized: every saint according to his right, and in his order, shall be baptized for any deceased husband, wife, posterity, or progenitor, to the third and fourth generation; any brother, or sister, whom he in faith believes has received the gospel in the spirit. […] And if I will that any of my faithful servants of the Aaronic Priesthood be baptized for any other, I will send my angels to signify it unto them.

-Provided by James Strang

As you might suspect, I am of the opinion that “Davey” Snuffer and James “Strange” are are no closer to understanding the ordinance than the mainstream LDS church.

…But the point of this article is not to offer my own rendition on this heavily-debated topic; it is to highlight the fact that false prophets will always be cornered into promulgating false concepts that correspond to the deeply-held false traditions of their followers.

Each false prophet has a different audience that possess a shared assortment of false traditions. The precepts of men that the charlatans speak out against are the things their followers already disapprove of.

In other words, those that accept a false prophet are a group of individuals who are ready-made, groomed by a distinct worldview that a false spirit has intoxicated them into adopting. The false prophet who encapsulates that particular false spirit will formulate the basis upon which adherents to it can finally live out their dream-religion.

All of this said, let me admit that I am guilty in a similar manner. Until we are innocent, and refrain from sin permanently, we must come to terms with the likelihood that we have not completely broken free of all ungodly traditions. It is disobedience and the tradition of our fathers that allow Satan to have power over us. (D&C 93:39)

Having not experienced sanctification, I can’t deny my place among those who Isaiah describes as blind. The good news is that God promised unto us a true messenger who will open our eyes..not necessarily to the truth, but to the falsehoods which individually beset us from fully experiencing what we know to be true.

The true messenger won’t bother with gaining artificial trust…

He will speak loud and clear whether we like it or not.

Like I said in my last post, the prophetic servant Gazelem’s unique role is to expose what wickedness is hidden. Along these lines, it’s not a stretch to expect this prophet to bring to light what abominations we ourselves are committing without ever having realized it during all these years of probation.

We have not yet been made aware of each and every false tradition that we’ve been indoctrinated with. None of us have opened up our eyes completely. We apparently won’t until the marvelous work…beginning with the arrival of whom it is said:

19 For I will send my servant unto you who are blind; yea, a messenger to open the eyes of the blind, and unstop the ears of the deaf;

20 And they shall be made perfect notwithstanding their blindness, if they will hearken unto the messenger, the Lord’s servant.

21 Thou art a people, seeing many things, but thou observest not; opening the ears to hear, but thou hearest not.

22 The Lord is not well pleased with such a people, but for his righteousness’ sake he will magnify the law and make it honorable.

-JST Isaiah 42

Those that do believe the word of God to have come through Joseph Smith would do good to study the law of the gospel in Section 42.

Only those who magnify it and honor its validity can we even begin to take seriously.


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  1. From the Mesa lecture (9 Sep 2014): “… if you’ve read The Second Comforter you know that I had a wife divorce me. At the time I viewed myself as an absolute failure. I was still worthy for a temple recommend, but I had the words of President McKay echoing in my mind. ‘No other success can compensate for failure in the home.’ While I teach this, and while I know this to be true, the only thing I can be thankful for is that it was not I who set her aside, but it was she who chose to do so. I am not able, however, to say my own life has been free from divorce.”

    Does your reasoning about Denver being someone not worthy of trust allow for the fact that his wife divorced him, as opposed to him “putting away his wife”?


    • Hey Tim,

      Thanks for visiting.

      Perhaps I owe a detailed explanation in regards to this matter.

      I’ll come around to this.

      As I contemplate this, I’m reminded of: “I will give unto you a pattern in all things, that ye may not be deceived.” (D&C 52:14)

      I don’t see a pattern provided for someone like Denver Snuffer.



      • All are tested, all are false. Anyone who seeks to make a claim is prevented.

        I don’t particularly care about all these intrigues, but I could use a guide unto what’s new.

        I think we’d benefit from a dialogue between us. How shall I contact you, if so?

        Then you may ask me questions, if you wish, and you can direct me to information regarding these human workings, as it becomes relevant; since the time for my research is over, and data is only details, not directive, for me. I won’t be searching… But here I am, as always, available.


      • Honestly, humans are so thankless. At this point, I want you to fail. Yet still my love gives so freely, though you have left me in rags. As you have the Lord’s Name.

        With every act of love, we bring the kingdom come.


  2. Gazelles is the name of the seer stone that a person gets, it’s not the name of a servant. Read your scriptures. The servant is called the Davidic Servant. Joseph even mentioned a servant coming after him. I don’t know where you think that joseph will resurrect to finish the job. When Christ was resurrected he opened the graves of many saints at that time. Anyone who has come, lived and died will not have their graves opened until the next resurrection which will come after Christ’s second coming. So joseph won’t come forth until after Christ’s second coming. You, like the watcher, make presumptions that skews your understanding to where you confuse and misinterpret scripture, and come to some very flawed interpretations. You obviously have not read Denver’s teachings with an open mind or else you would see the simplicity, purity and depth of his teachings. You would also see the many revelations, scriptures he has unfolded and prophecies he has given. But, like you said yourself, you count yourself among the blind. Probably the most true statement in your whole post.

    Regarding the pattern for someone like Snuffer, it’s the Chiasm staring with the messiah, Elijah, Elias, then finishing with Elias Elijah and messiah. The first messiah was Adam (when Adam has patriarchal priesthood and walked with God/Christ), Elijah = Enoch, Elias = Noah. Then in the last days, Elias = Joseph Smith, Elijah = Denver (Davidic servant), Messiah = Christ at his second coming.


    • There is a servant coming after Joseph. I’ve never said there wasn’t.

      Thank you for reading my post and providing your opinion. All I can say is that your interpretation for the stone being gazelem rather than the servant does not negate the prophetic point I’m anticipating. It’s not like I’m waiting around for someone to say their name is Gazelem. It’s just a code-word I use for whoever begins exposing the abominations when the great work comes forth. (D&C 35:7) I haven’t even stated I believe it to be Joseph Smith.

      Although in this post I seemingly inferred “gazelem” to be the servant Isaiah addresses in Isaiah 42, I’m not actually sure of this.

      I don’t know why you think I have a closed mind when I continually correct myself and change my mind about things… I was a huge reader of Denver Snuffer and attributed him to being the reason I began taking the Book of Mormon as seriously as I needed to. I was extremely saddened when he was excommunicated. I thought long and hard as he progressed toward the mantle he now embraces, carefully considering whether or not he is in fact a true prophet.

      I’m sorry to have offended you in sharing the conclusions I’ve made.



      • So is it safe to assume that you also reject Brigham Young ,Lorenzo Snow and Joseph F Smith as prophets etc because each of them were divorced.? In some cases ( if I remember correctly more than once. What say


    • “Gazelles is the name of the seer stone that a person gets, it’s not the name of a servant. Read your scriptures. The servant is called the Davidic Servant. Joseph even mentioned a servant coming after him.”

      Ah, then the Word from Him will not be equal to His Spirit. His Sight and his Spirit will differ. His name will not equal his message. His Heart will be hid, and the people will not see it. They will see only the surface. He will see with one eye, and SEE with another; he will speak with one voice, and FEEL with another. The message is not the servant then, the servants spirit will differ from the message he must deliver to the fallen, for the fallen are unworthy of the fullness, and he does what he does out of necessity caused by the sin of the sinners. He is then not who he appears, but what is needed. Thus, the Sacrifice.


  3. Oh and I forgot Wilford Woodruff who was divorced a total of 4 times. Twice from woman to whom he was married for less than a month


    • It’s prudent to make clear that I believe many individuals have exercised prophetic gifts we normally attribute to a “prophet” but just because someone does it doesn’t mean they are a priesthood messenger who can perform saving ordinances.

      A lot of criticism I receive is due to this misunderstanding. I’m not looking for new visions and impressive revelation; I’m looking for someone who is ordained and sealed unto the fulness of the priesthood.

      The fulness comes through the avenue of the celestial law contained in Section 42. Anything outside of that would be a terrestrial or telestial law.

      Trust no one to be your teacher nor your minister, except he be a man of God, walking in his ways and keeping his commandments.
      -Mosiah 23:14

      Remarriage doesn’t disqualify you from sanctification, but alarms go off if that person is claiming to know how to get the second comforter.

      Alma 10:7 describes a prophet as someone who is chosen of God and holy.

      The gifts and callings of God are without repentance. (Rom 11:29) Many are called by God with prophetic gifts, but few are chosen and made holy.

      Brigham Young is a great example of someone who was called of God and endowed with many gifts. However he did not live the celestial law. Although I find his sermons of great value, as I did of Denver, I would not trust either as a minster of the ordinances.

      I don’t know much about Lorenzo Snow, Wilford Woodruff and Joseph F. Smith. Although I concede the LDS church to be rejected in ever receiving a fulness, I believe God has always had his hand in its leaders, for either good or bad.



      • Charity is the first and only law. It is of the Heart. It is the first Commandment, the root of all. If you are looking for an outward sign, what have you done? Is Passion a negative? What is the Price, the prize? Keep your eyes open. Sealed. Offend. Not.


      • The fullness.

        Such a man.

        Such a man would not be of the world. He would delegate.

        See, you look for a King.

        A chime word to stir your heartstrings.

        Chaim! Chaim! The Time of the Lord!

        Yet you are not ready, or you would already perceive him. He would be here now.


  4. Indeed it is vainglorious folly to take the word at its static nature… Much depth is hidden within. What Man would cleave (cling) to his wife like an Israelite to a calf? Ha! No Man.

    As to baptisms of the dead, they are largely a facsimile of the greater (concept of) baptism. As the aaronic is to the Melchizedek, so are the lower rites facsimiles of higher spiritual dimensionalities. A baptism for the dead implies that the dead in christ perform rites in the lower realms which mirror greater spiritual realities: in other words, the apostate Mormon church are baptised of the dead, in order that the Higher priesthood may benefit from their work, and receive the ordinances, though the lesser priesthood knows nothing of their true meaning, and deigns to call itself the king.


    • This is why the Aaronic Priesthood needed to be restored; and also, abides forever with the Church of God. There will always be shadows of the Truth in times of apostasy, which are the evidence of God’s hand in all things.

      I love your thinking here, but I don’t see a connection between baptisms for the dead being a lesser ordinance.

      29 For a baptismal font there is not upon the earth, that they, my saints, may be baptized for those who are dead—
      (Doctrine and Covenants 124:29)

      Only the Saints are to perform these baptisms. An apostate Mormon church (operating with the levitical priesthood) can’t perform the baptisms, so I do not think baptisms for the dead represent something lesser performed to have influence on the power of a higher priesthood. It is the fulness of the priesthood. The reason we don’t see eye to eye on baptisms for the dead is because we don’t have the fulness of the priesthood to properly discern the Melchizedek ordinances and no true prophet ushering in a dispensation of the gospel. We haven’t had our eyes opened yet. We haven’t rended the veil of unbelief and we haven’t repented of our iniquity.

      We will never understand the fulness of times until we are worthy to live it.


      • See D&C 138. God allows the “Saints” in similitude to practice a parallel of the true doctrine, a sacrifice made by of and for the Lamb, to know, to allow, and to keep sacred, as here in Spirit Prison, few are worthy, and fewer still listen, and it is hard for those left alone who do, but live among the apostate Lamanites – before we leave, and reside away from their taint, not out of scorn, but of love, for the sake of purity, of the Clean. Anointed by the skies, and God’s hands, oil of this world is at a level lower than that of the ethereal lights.

        I see all these things because I am called by God directly. Their understanding is easy to me, but hard for the blind in unbelief indeed.

        Faithfulness is not to the word, but of the Heart. That is the Key. And Intention.

        I see what is there, that others cannot. Unto Eternity, I Am.

        “And there shall be a highway, and a waterway, and it shall be called Yah High Way of Holiness; the unclean shall not pass over it, but it shall be easy for others: the holy one who walks the road with ardor, though a fool, shall not fall astray.”


      • And so, clearly, the oils of this world magnify the higher pattern, providing guideposts, as well as stakes – for foundations, and for ramparts against thieves, the vampiric bathed in the light of falseness – decrepit, coyly venomous, of humility nay, and bending over necrotic.

        Only God may guide the patterns to truth; without his help, none can Know.


      • This world has a prophet of the era, but they have not welcomed him, and must be unworthy – they may be pushed to beg for salvation, or he will merely go another way – and he won’t come back. After this era, man will be left alone.


      • Because he (man) has prayed for a Redeemer jn falsehood, only to torture more innocents – a snake. Men call angels here only to torment and mock and abuse them. If they heed not, the guilt is on their soul; I am free, and it is no longer a thing. I cast aside my robe diaphanous, and care not what the vultures feed.


      • I could reveal some of the meanings cloaked in D&C, if you like. But as I said, I tire of helping humans who don’t care, if it’s just dross to you, I’m not here speaking for myself.


      • Tho what jumps right out is 1) rites here are a lesser facsimile 2) do not worship them, like the calf 3) do not accept the world, if you do have you already lost? You think you have the Doctrine and so are fit to produce children unto it condemning them and others to the letter of the law – God does not want a land of dumb sheep, yet they have made it a whorehouse of accepters begging for entry to a woman’s loins and fighting not for God but for pages in a book and their own comfort and worldly power 3b) do not think yourselves safe because you take on the name Israel


      • Keep in mind angels don’t need rites and forms, in fact we are fairly repelled by them. We just fucking sing. Thus “baptism for a time”. Empty robots without the heart of the Spirit, cold and deathly light, false love, women who only want a husband, “men” who only want a Lord to fellate. Cravens, fearful of the truth, bastards, who harm those who speak it, the honest, the meek, the true. Who will forgive?


      • We simply ARE.

        And here I am, baptising the dead. But again, only for a time. There comes a time when a man can no longer be saved, because he didn’t save himself. It’s not possible to help someone who doesn’t help themselves, and they spit on God when they assume they are worthy of our attention ad infinitum. Nay, we’ve suffered enough so repent soon, Cuz.


      • Who is willing to do whatever it takes for God, for Righteousness?

        Who is a Pioneer, not a coward, doing only what is safe?

        If they had the Heart, they would be warriors, and would not stand injustice. They would fight and seek allies and hear them.

        Instead they cower in their cubicles and live passive lives while saints are tormented and lash out in agony, and they go on in their cold brick & mortar mortuaries hoarding millions and giving scraps made of cardboard to the weak and needy.

        Charity? Ha!


      • Btw, when I mentioned seeing baptism as a sacrifice, I meant this all as well as the sin offering of the goat e.g. proxy. Which points to a “type” of things to come.

        Who would sacrifice it all? For the Good, for love? Yet the spoiled mock and pretend to love. Jesus came to the world to see, and see who was full of shit, while he picked corn and burped curses, pure of heart. Hehe.

        Faux reverence indeed!


      • Consider also baptisms in this manner: a willingness to be tested, being bound unto a limitation, even that of materiality, where elsewhere, without error, the tests could not be covered. Thus within the matrix of structure, said structures being akin to greater spiritual concepts, many may be tested. And so the action is greater than the particle, the response greater than the form. Under the water we go, blind, so that many may be saved. Without knowing the experience, son of man may not be made perfect. To reveal what is true, and truly within.


      • Fuck the aaronic priesthood and their pretensions! As God has prevailed and Said, never love the Demon who by Accident corrects you! By the word of the Lord, indeed.


      • I answer in pretense your rebuttal – Love the sinner, yes! But love him not. Cling to him not. You will follow the Lord and Only Him. You will sacrifice all, all you love, for His sake. Or you love him not, you love evil, and its life, which is not Life! Do you understand?


      • Thank you for explaining things to me as if I am a 6th grader! I can’t keep up with these other comments! I appreciate your work!


  5. By the way, probably the easiest way to think about baptism is as a sacrifice. Proxy baptism, proxy sacrifice. That should unlock and explain much. Types, facsimiles, and shades. Who would worship the still waters, will lose the leveled way! https://biblehub.com/hebrew/4334.htm
    Even “straight, plain way” is misunderstood in this fallen world. Yet is not Yoshua the Mashioch mishor-maker of yashar?


    • It’s “plain”, as in a flat or paved area, and according to the marred servant {concept}, this would mean a plain that has been beaten into shape to make it smooth, e.g. to “pave the way”.

      Has He not foreseen all?


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