The Two Lords and the LORD

We learn amazing things about the Old Testament through our fortunate use of the Book of Mormon.

3rd Nephi 23:

3 And all the things that he [Isaiah] spake have been and shall be, even according to the words which he spake.

The words of Isaiah HAVE BEEN and SHALL BE.

In other words: the Old Testament—and Isaiah in particular—contain dual prophecies.

By the time Christ was establishing Zion among the Nephites, Isaiah’s words had all been fulfilled. But they would need to be re-fulfilled.

Christ was the suffering servant of Isaiah 53; he was also the Davidic king. He fulfilled all the prophecies.

However, due to the Book of Mormon, we understand that these prophecies need to be re-fullfilled.

It might be controversial, but by taking God’s word seriously, you must admit that Christ did not fulfill the prophecies to a T.

This does not diminish his role as Redeemer, Creator, and God of the universe–

This only highlights the fact that the writings of the prophets weren’t loosey-goosey. They have a narrative that must come to pass exactly as written.

The Book of Mormon actually teaches that the suffering servant– who was bruised for our iniquities, and by his stripes we are healed…– is actually the marred servant who DECLARES the fulness of the gospel and GATHERS the elect. Therefore, Christ was only a shadow fulfillment of Isaiah 53’s suffering servant.

3rd Nephi 20

12 … I say unto you, that when they shall be fulfilled [the writings of Isaiah] then is the fulfilling of the covenant which the Father hath made unto his people, O house of Israel.

This information is GOLDEN.

It gives us so much to go off of.

Although Christians believe that the Old Testament is valuable context for the New Testament, they do not take these writings seriously. They are not awaiting and looking for their literal fulfillment; and if they are, they usually believe that these prophecies have to do with the 1948 state of Israel, which is way off the mark.

Essentially, everyone believes the prophecies only have application to other people in other ages, never to themselves.

However, I have found one smart Christian that understands America is the Israel spoken of in Isaiah…

I recommend you subscribe to his channel, learn from him and pray for him. The man has 9,900 subscribers, and judging by comments I’ve seen, a majority of them, like George Chuang [the preacher], seem to also be searching for a final prophet.

I believe he is preparing the hearts of many Christians to accept Joseph Smith…

He has studied the prophecies of the Old Testament, and understands that many of them have not been fulfilled–

Malachi in particular, and the passage on Elijah being sent before the dreadful day of the Lord…

Malachi should be studied carefully by all believers in Christ. Especially Mormons! The Book of Mormon contains Malachi 3 and 4, coming directly from the mouth of Christ in 3rd Nephi.

This is for a reason.

Jesus Christ wanted us to know that Malachi was not fulfilled during or before his ministry.

Yet John the Baptist was identified as the messenger of Malachi 3:1.

I do not hesitate to say that John the Baptist is literally Elijah and that…

Actually never mind, read this post for background:

There, I make the case that Malachi was completely fulfilled by 1836-1837.

One important thing to understand about Malachi is that it has been completely corrupted. You have to be able to understand it spiritually. Evidence for this is D&C 2 and JS-H.

The last few verses of corrected-Malachi speak of Elijah revealing priesthood… the King James does not.

But then… why does the Book of Mormon not have the corrected verses? It is a word-for-word rendition of the King James.

This is because it was God’s will that our version of Malachi was corrupted. God gives us just enough light to piece things together.

So if we have a purposefully corrupted version of Malachi, what else could be missing? I want to refer to a version of Malachi that comes directly from the Dead Sea Scrolls…

Therefore behold I send my messenger, and he shall prepare the way before me. And they will suddenly come to his temple, the Lord whom you seek and the messenger of the covenant whom you desire; behold he himself comes, says Yahweh of hosts, but who can endure them when they come?

Now this is where we go down the rabbit hole…

The CORRUPTED version of Malachi was fulfilled in 1836-1837, and THAT’S why we have the corrupted version in the Book of Mormon.

But what is to be made of the original Hebrew version?

I’ll break it down.

Therefore behold I send my messenger, and he shall prepare the way before me.

This is John the Baptist, who prepared the way before Christ. John the Baptist is obviously Elijah, who came to the earth [as John the Baptist] to reveal the Priesthood of Aaron to Joseph Smith and Oliver Cowdery, before the great and dreadful day of the LORD.

And they will suddenly come to his temple, the Lord whom you seek and the messenger of the covenant whom you desire;

Two people are referred to here. Notice that it says they.

The Lord is not referring to the LORD/Jehovah/Yahweh; it is referring to a kingly ruler. This is Sidney Rigdon, who is the Davidic King.

Alongside Sidney Rigdon is the messenger of the covenant, which is, of course, Joseph Smith, the Davidic Servant.

Remember how I said that Christ was the suffering servant AND the Davidic king?

That is still true.

But everything Isaiah wrote SHALL BE. That means the roles that Christ shadowed must come to fruition in totality.

behold he himself comes [to his temple], says Yahweh of hosts, but who can endure them when they come?

The Lord Jesus Christ will appear to his people at the Kirtland Temple in the third watch. But Malachi asks… who can endure the Davidic King and the High Priest when THEY come?

This is what Malachi originally wrote about.

He was writing about the two messiahs that the Jews were expecting. The servant and the king…

But the Lord made sure that these writings were contaminated.

The contaminated version was fulfilled.

But the original is yet to be…

I believe that when NEW records come forth, we will receive a corrected version of Malachi..and everything I’m trying to explain will be written in plainness and purity.

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