The Prophet pt. 5 “The D&C”

David Whitmer is a curious individual; who, in his search for truth, ended up in a mind-bending situation.

Actually, that describes all of us!

We know that Joseph Smith is legit, but there is so much baggage that comes with him.

Me: I reject polygamy, the endowment ceremony, and the King Follet discourse.

Others consider the D&C as baggage.

This is in part due to David Whitmer.

He wrote An Address to Believers in Christ, in which he espoused the truth of the Book of Mormon, but rejected everything that followed.

It’s understandable why he would do this.

The church went into condemnation by 1835, and was rejected by 1842.

To him and others, it might seem kind of pointless to restore a church for it to go directly into apostasy.

To me it makes perfect sense when you understand the duality of Joseph’s mission. The church was just the foundation– the foundation to the great work that will come because of it.

I highly recommend reading what David Whitmer wrote:

He even talks about the incredible conference on June 6th 1831 where the Melchizedek priesthood was restored!!!

He, however, rejects the ordinations as false.

In doing this, David Whitmer rejected the fulness of the priesthood, which is the fulness of the gospel.

David Whitmer is the equivalent of the Gentiles prophesied of by Jesus Christ in 3rd Nephi 16.

He rejected the fulness of the gospel!!!

These ideas have picked up traction. The website rejects all the revelations received by Joseph Smith in the D&C.

Their reasoning for this is because they dangerously misinterpret something the Lord said to Martin Harris:

He [Joseph Smith] has a gift to translate the book and I have commanded him that he shall pretend to no other gift, for I will grant him no other gift.

David Whitmer and these boys of great-and-marvelous-work take issue with the change made to its text in the 1835 D&C:

5:4 And you have a gift to translate the plates; and this is the first gift that I bestowed upon you; and I have commanded that you should pretend to no other gift until my purpose is fulfilled in this; for I will grant unto you no other gift until it is finished.

They think this is Joseph Smith revising the revelations to his own accord, to give him more power and authority than God gave him. I think they are dead-wrong.

The changes made to the Book of Commandments to the D&C were commanded of by God.

Same with changing the name of the church–

Joseph Smith was doing what God wanted. The changes made to the D&C were inspired.

Regardless as to whether or not people believe that or not, let’s look at the Book of Mormon and what IT has to say about the seer, Joseph Smith.

I believe the Book of Mormon PROVES that Joseph’s calling was to do more than just translate the plates.

2nd Nephi 3:

8 And I will give unto him a commandment that he shall do none other work, save the work which I shall command him. And I will make him great in mine eyes; for he shall do my work.

9 And he shall be great like unto Moses, whom I have said I would raise up unto you, to deliver my people, O house of Israel.

Joseph Smith is to be like unto Moses, to deliver the people of Israel!

That “work” is much more than just translating the Book of Mormon.

But what about the D&C– is that part of this work?


17 And the Lord hath said: I will raise up a Moses; and I will give power unto him in a rod; and I will give judgment unto him in writing. Yet I will not loose his tongue, that he shall speak much, for I will not make him mighty in speaking. But I will write unto him my law, by the finger of mine own hand; and I will make a spokesman for him.

Joseph was to write God’s law.

And a spokesman was to be designated for him.

You NEED the D&C to know the law (section 42) and to know who the spokesman is.

One thing I always wondered was why God took so long identifying the spokesman as Sidney Rigdon.

Why didn’t God do it immediately?

Why did God wait until Section 100? Why not Section 35?

I believe he waited for the sole reason to vindicate the prophecies contained in the D&C.

The D&C has to be true long enough for Joseph to finish the work that the Book of Mormon outlines.


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