The Mysteries of the Kingdom pt. 1

One of the most fascinating things I discovered in my search for truth was the realization that our perception of reality is an illusion. We are not who we think we are; and people are not what they appear.

I believe that there are angels and demons on the earth– and everything in between.

We have both sides of the spectrum, from the Lord Jesus Christ, to the man of Sin, Satan/Lucifer.

As God came to the earth in the person of Jesus, Satan does/has as well. This is scripturally supported. Those that followed Satan in the pre-existence also come to the earth and participate in this mortal probation.

The third portion of spirits that followed Satan are all around us…

But I’m not going to argue those points. If you don’t already know this or believe this, you need to figure it out on your own. And I’m not saying go pray about it… I’m saying go read the scriptures and find out what they actually say.

The LDS church has indoctrinated its members with a false concept of reality. They’ve dumbed down the plan of salvation.

Dumbed it way down.

Things are beyond complex. I couldn’t even begin to explain some of the things that have come to my understanding. However, most of my realizations would not be believed.

I believe the celestial souls will come to understand the true doctrines of the plan of salvation according to the time in which God reveals it unto them.

There is a reason that Jesus spoke unto us in parables.

Unto you [the celestial souls, his believers] it is given to know the mysteries of the kingdom of God: but unto them that are without, all these things are done in parables.” Mark 4:11

Jesus promised that that the mysteries of God would be revealed to his true followers.

We will know the truth!

The rest of the world will see the Bible & other scripture as incoherent and contradictory. They will see God’s word as nothing but stories to be forgotten and discarded. Those of unbelief will thus never uncover the mystery behind this life.

The world continues in ignorance/sin/wickedness.

Meanwhile, the truth can be found. Yet only the celestial souls can spot it. They have to weave their way through all the differing opinions and viewpoints of the world. All Christians and Mormons are divided amongst themselves on a host of issues.

No one agrees. No one sees eye to eye.

The celestial is the portion of mankind that will know the truth.

But even they are currently deceived in one way or another. Even if the celestial may be able to explain the entire plan of salvation, they are assuredly deceived in another area.

They are still seeped in sin, which is another form of deception. Until the Lord sets his hand again the second time, his people will remain in a lost and fallen state.

But the time will come when Jesus will no longer speak in parable/scripture. (John 16:25) This will be in the dispensation of the fulness of times.

When we receive the fulness of the Holy Ghost, we are promised to be taught ALL things.

Jesus’ apostles had the Holy Ghost with them, but only at a later time would it dwell IN them. (John 14:17)

It dwelt IN them at Pentecost as recorded in Acts 2. At that point in time they would no longer have needed scripture. They had the Holy Ghost inside them, which would then be able to teach them ALL truth.

We are in the same situation as the apostles of Jesus Christ.

The Holy Ghost is with us, but it is not IN us, teaching all truth. By the power of the Holy Ghost we may certainly know the truth of all things, just like Moroni taught–

But the only problem is…

we don’t have access to the Holy Ghost right now! Not yet.

Right now we can’t receive the truth of all things. Instead we have to read through the scriptures for the enlightenment we need.

That’s why Moroni’s promise (Moroni 10:5) is technically not to the Gentiles which currently have the Book of Mormon at their disposal; it’s to the Lamanites when THEY receive the record via the Gentiles in the final dispensation. Read the text very carefully and you’ll notice that.

One of the Lamanites spiritual gifts is the access to the Holy Ghost. The Gentiles DO NOT have this spiritual gift according to the D&C.

The gifts of God are without repentance.

The Lamanites receive the Holy Ghost by the grace of God.

The Gentiles receive the Holy Ghost by the grace of God once the Gentiles repent and become clean before the Lord.

This hasn’t happened to the Gentiles, which is why they don’t have the Holy Ghost to teach them all things.

Until we have been baptized by fire and the Holy Ghost, we continue to learn about God and his kingdom through the scriptures.

Through parables.

I am now going to begin this series by expounding upon The Wedding Feast, one of the parables; and in doing so, I will demonstrate exactly how complex the TRUE plan of salvation is.

It is my hope that this will open the minds of anyone who might read this. All I desire is for people to throw out their false traditions and start thinking for themselves.

God has made all of this extremely complicated.

He did this, so only his true believers would ever know the truth. It hasn’t been splashed out there for the world to see.

It can only be understood spiritually–

by those who seek the truth.

The mysteries of the kingdom are being realized.


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