Jeremy Runnells’ Court of Love

Today I was happy to find a video recording of Jeremy Runnel’s court of love, which has been posted online for all eyes to see.

Of course Jeremy would not miss the opportunity to film this big day of his. His letter, website, and upcoming film made it a necessary demand. It was all part of the package.

His website looks great! Better than mine. My favorite thing about it is his attempt to ask people for monthly donations. His website so reads: “If the CES Letter has added value to your life, please pay it forward. Your support will allow us to continue to help the honest in heart seekers.”

I’m still trying to figure out exactly how a monthly donation will help the CES letter gain more traffic. Wouldn’t just asking people to share it with others do the trick?

Jeremy sure is proud of his letter. I’m also trying to figure that out too– what makes it so special– because to me it’s nothing but a rehash of the same old stuff that’s always been leveled at the church.


Jeremy has arrived on the LDS scene at a very interesting point of time.

What made the court proceedings so fasincating to me was how he was able to refer to the church essays.

His words: “The church’s essays are in public opposition to the church.”

Here, Jeremy is quite profound in saying this. The essays published by the church are on the same level as his own production. They both shoot holes in the LDS truth claims.

This creates quite an interesting dynamic. No one has got the truth. Everybody’s an apostate! Of course, this is what I try and explain in every single one of my posts. Currently on earth there are, “none that doeth good, no not one.” (Romans 3:12/Psalm 14:3)

In Joseph’s 1832 account of having seen God in the grove, he was told by Him that, “the world lieth in sin; and at this time none doeth good, no not one; they have turned aside from the gospel and keep not my commandments.”

We all need to have the Joseph Smith experience and receive the revelation from heaven that there is no church on earth with the authority and power to save us from ourselves.

In Section 35, the Lord explained that “there are none that doeth good EXCEPT those who are READY to receive the fulness of the gospel.”

The fulness of the gospel is not on the earth.

But the Lord is preparing the pure in heart for when it is.

Will you be ready— do you know what the fulness of the gospel is?


My heart goes out to Jeremy, and also to those wicked LDS church leaders who are just as lost as he is. I pray we may all come to a better understanding of who we are and what our purpose in life is. We’re all living in a twilight zone, but there are answers.

I believe in the promises of Jesus Christ. We were told that if we ask, we will receive. All we need is faith.

“Nevertheless when the Son of man cometh, shall he find faith on the earth?” (Luke 18:8)

Sadly, we live in a world that is lacking of faith. The saints rely on false prophets for gospel understanding; and if they don’t, they are indoctrinated otherwise, by human learning— by science, historians, or by mormon apologetics.

To this I quote Joseph Smith:

“The truth of God will go forth boldly, nobly, and independent, till it has […] sounded in every ear, till the purposes of God shall be accomplished.” (1842 Wentworth letter)

Notice that Joseph did not say that the LDS church would go forth boldly and nobly— no no, he said the TRUTH would.

So what is the truth? And where can it be found?


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