The Prophecies of Nephi

An important thing to realize while attempting to truly understand the scriptures, is to accept that we may have a wrong understanding of what we espouse to believe. We need to be willing to accept that our entire perception of everything may be skewed by personal circumstance, and by false teachers. A loss of light and truth, as we learn in D&C 93, comes through personal disobedience of God’s commandments, or by simply inheriting false traditions.

What if the Book of Mormon has been falsely interpreted for over 160 years? Would you want to know? The Book of Mormon as a whole, and yet especially the first and second books of Nephi (as I will demonstrate), contain some of the most amazing prophecies about the last days, but the true implications of each prophecy are not easy to accept. They’re a pill that many are not willing to swallow. Thus, the prophecies of the Book of Mormon, and even the rest of the other standard works, have all been fitted to cement the LDS church in its comfortable station of God’s kingdom established on the earth.

For example, the LDS church is under the impression that all scriptures about a restoration are simply referring to 1830, and all scriptures about an apostasy refer to the time before 1830. Anything outside this paradigm is a terrifying prospect, and there is a fear that anything outside this could easily lead many to a loss of faith and trust in the LDS church. But right now, as we watch the Mormon world get itself rocked upside down by the internet, it’s clear that the past approach will no longer work– the clean-cut version of Mormonism will no longer stand. The hidden things of darkness are being revealed, and a large portion of the Saints are losing this long-held faith in the church. And though it may be for the right reasons, the disaffected usually end up coming to all the wrong conclusions. Right now the only safe thing left to do is to align ourselves with all of God’s revealed truth, wherever it may take us.

The truth of Nephi’s words have been buried for over four generations.As the Saints have read the Book of Mormon, they have been shielded from unlocking the deeper truths therein. Nephi’s cryptic warnings have gone by unnoticed. My understanding of what God was trying to tell us through Nephi is not widely known, nor could it be easily accepted in mainstream Mormonism. To accept his words at face value would be to open up to the possibility that all is not well in Zion.

“So the question is, do you take the red pill or the blue pill?”


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